Where It All Began

During the Fall of 2015 Harrison Wight and Ajin Sunny revitalized the existential chapter of AIAA at University of Kentucky with the associated Faculty Advisor Dr. Alexandre Martin to open doors and aspire students in the field of aerospace engineering. With new up and coming research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by the Mechanical Engineering Department at UK, the two students decided to seek out for more students with passion in UAV systems. They have been striving their best to seek out brighter mindset UK who are interested in being involved with AIAA at University of Kentucky.

Our student branch at the University of Kentucky is a student-run organization dedicated to exploring and creating possibilities for students interested in aeronautics and astronautics. We are a representative member of UK's Engineering Student Council, and part of the College of Engineering. We strive to unite both students and faculty who are interested in the aerospace profession, provide information on research and job opportunities, devise interesting and relevant events and trips, and generally promote education and interest in all aerospace fields.


AIAA Credo